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Little girl with head on pregnant bellyPregnancy Chiropractic in Naperville

Gentle Care for Moms-to-be

For over a decade, Optimum Wellness Chiropractic has delivered quality care for pregnant mothers. Moms trust our approach as it’s not only gentle and safe, but relaxing and comfortable.

Our goal is to restore and maintain balance in the low back and pelvic region of Mom during pregnancy. There’s never any type of aggressive adjusting delivered. Our mission is to help the adaptability of the body as it goes through the changes that pregnancy creates. The adjustment sessions not only help our female patients, but the developing baby as well.

We also provide a special “Mom Room”. It’s furnished with rocking chairs so that our pregnant ladies can relax and be comfortable. Once your baby is born, we also provide changing stations and a private breast-feeding area for your convenience.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is an adjustment style specifically designed for moms-to-be. This approach was developed to create more balance in the neuro-muscular and musculoskeletal systems in the body. The adjustment itself is very subtle. Decreases in ligamentous tension in the pelvis is the usual result. Symmetry is also a common and welcome outcome.

Trigger-point pressure is placed on certain areas of the pelvis to relax muscles and restore balance. The purpose of the Webster Technique is to eliminate any pelvic restraints for the baby.

Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic

  • An enhanced developmental period for the baby
  • Better range-of-motion and mobility in the pelvic joints of the pregnant mother
  • Deliveries that are frequently faster with less complications
  • Full neural communication between the brain and the body
  • Greater well-being for Mom with higher levels of function
  • Increased comfort for the mom-to-be with less pain
  • Less restriction and compression for the baby in the womb
  • Optimized nervous system function for Mom as she creates a human being.

Make an Appointment to See Us Today

It’s never too early to start coming in for gentle chiropractic adjustments. Over the last decade, Optimum Wellness Chiropractic has also had the privilege of helping many women with fertility issues. We can often accomplish this by restoring proper neurological communication between the brain and the reproductive organs. We’d love to welcome you to our warm and inviting family practice. Contact us today; we can help!


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